Wafers & Snacks

While you are selecting the wine, the kids can be choosing the snacks and still be under your close supervision. There they can delight in a selection of brands of crunchy potato wafers from India and abroad and even pick up some nachos. For the more adventurous there are even packaged onion pakodas. Don’t miss the Indian digestives and mouth freshners that will have you returning to Delfino’s HyMart for more.


If you are the kind who needs that refreshing cup of coffee every morning then you will find the best choice of coffees only at Delfino’s HyMart. You can get a coffee from India or Brazil or Colombia or you can get coffee beans and grind them yourself to brew the coffee to your taste. If it’s tea that gives you a kick choose from Ceylon or Darjeeling for there’s nothing better. And on the shelves around you will find jams, corn flakes and other products that will help you complete your breakfast.


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